An Earnest Call – Islam For All

Amidst a world of asserting claims and declarations, I am here for a humble assertion of a different entity. It is not about a company product or a party’s manifesto, neither of a sectarian claim nor of an unfinished struggle, rather it’s a religion I am talking about, which is, unfortunately, always kept at a bay and thought to be of minimal use for the public life.

Here is an earnest call – Islam for All, this Divine religion has a definite share for all. The way sunshine, air and water are beneficial and every human has a definite portion, Islam too is a share as it perfectly blends with the pattern over which they have been brought into existence. Islam is a common good for all; its utilitarian nature serves the interest of all humans.

The Characteristics of Islam are quite synonymous to what the human nature appreciates. The striking part of which reveals that man is the most superior being on earth. He has been created on the face of God; most honorable and gracious indeed in his existence.

Islam elucidates the conception of God in a way that aptly suits your nature. Here God is One and Omnipresent. He is very close to you like your jugular vein. His mercy dominates over His anger. He ordains you to worship Him alone. He doesn’t require any material things to be offered, rather He feeds you. He answers your prayers and feels shy in returning you empty handed. He forgives your sins and hides you from being exposed. He is with you as you think He is. He expounds rules and regulations for all your affairs both private and public.

Islam reveals that it’s a chosen religion for you. God has prescribed this as a way of life. It’s a straight path, void of ambiguities. This path adorns both individual and collective lives with high morals and humane concerns.

It ensures a prosperous society by making mandatory for the dwellers to be embodiment of peace and stand for the truth and justice. It specifies obligations on the part of leaders to strive hard for promotion of virtues and eradication of evils, and prefers their relationship with the followers to be grounded on mutual love, co-operation and prayers.

Islam strengthens the cause of poor by inspiring the rich to donate openly and secretly. It makes obligatory on the earning members of the society to donate 2.5% of their total income annually as poor man’s due (zakat). However it does not like people of lower hands. It appreciates the human society to be embellished with salient features like justice, equality, peace, love, sustainable development, mutual co-operation. It strictly admonishes the strata of the society to be torch bearers of these essential values.

Islam serves your interest by explicitly declaring that whatever exists in the heavens and the earth has been subjected to you. Everything is at your service.

The sun rises and sets for you. The moon’s waxing and waning is for you. Rains for you. The changing weathers are for you. This way, it inculcates a sense of belongingness. You feel a great proximity with the nature around you. Everything of the heavens and the earth diverts your attention towards your Merciful Lord. Even a falling leaf from the tree instills God’s sovereignty in your heart. This results in a strong bonding between you and your Creator.

You being a created one, never think of giving undue weightage to other creatures rather you feel above all and become an embodiment of mercy and love for both living and nonliving beings. 

The moment you believe in your Creator, He rejuvenates your nature and connects your faith with both human and the nature. The legitimacy of your faith rests on good behavior with humans and a kind gesture towards the nature. It clearly indicates that neither rights violation of even an insignificant magnitude would be tolerated nor an inappropriate behavior towards the nature would be appreciated.

Islam converts the deeds in the sense the life spent without a belief in the Creator is in no way going to be a threat. The moment you start the journey of life on the path of Islam with an obstinate belief in your Creator, the sins of previous life will be forgiven and the good deeds done will get transferred and retained in the purest form. The reward for such a change has great significance. God appreciates your return to your nature and feel happy just like an overjoy of a person, seized in a deserted place, get back his lost belongings.

Islam reduces the burden of both physical and spiritual nature. A life void of recognition of a true Creator characterizes with ill thoughts and practices. Even with a huge amount of material and spiritual sacrifices a person never remain satisfied with the prevailing conditions. In due course of time the practices clogged into a kind of burden that tends to prick his mind with ill feelings, and the life itself appears a burden.

In such a situation, either a person has to live a senseless life, or else try to find out the true path that can provide with the required comfort. To be honest the most sought after truth in the world is connecting the ends of this inner urge and striking the right cord of spirituality. A keen observation of this fact would surely enlighten you with a startling reality, that the majority of human beings appear to be on a journey of spiritual quest which is either directionless or meaningless. 

Islam, with its pristine elaborations of human nature and God-human relationship, perfectly addresses this inner urge of spiritual quest. Here you find a promise of mercy, a hope of unlimited blessings, a glad tiding of forgiveness, a warning for wrong doings, a solace of wonderful present and a vision of vibrant future. Islam reduces all sorts of burden. In fact it has categorically stated that one of the responsibilities of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was to reduce the burden which was severely breaking the back of human beings.

You can say Islam is a criterion which obliterates thoughts of highs and lows and inferiors and superiors. Every individual has its own space wherein he can strive and thrive the way he wants just to please the Creator and climb the ladder of success. There is absolutely no stopping.

Islam safeguards the rights in the sense that it not only present a detail account of rights for both men and women with a precise explanation of their respective roles, but also ensures the rights by emphasizing ‘authorities’ for there effective actualization. The authorities are none but the human hearts.

Upholding of rights has been described as a prime responsibility, rather an imperative of the faith. The way humans need air and water to survive; exactly the same way they are supposed to uphold and safeguard the rights of fellow brethren. Any act of violation is going to be a threat to their faith and detrimental to both their worldly and eternal success.

Thus, the essence of human rights has been emphasized in a unique way, that  a person is good only when he is good to others and wishes for his brothers what he wishes for himself. You can say Islam is a perfect blend of God and human rights. 

Islam guarantees assured blessings both in this world and in the hereafter. Every act, no matter how small or big in its measure, has definite rewards. This religion gives a magnified image of rewards, nothing is going to be minimized or neglected. Even an act as small as an atom will get its due reward. Here all sorts of discrimination and gender bias are null and void.

If anyone spends for the deserving ones, will earn multifold rewards. There are assured blessings for every act performed for the sake of God. Removing of a stone from the path, putting a morsel in wife’s mouth, feeding the children, behaving well with servants, smiling at the face of a brother, kind behavior with the neighbor, behaving well with a co passenger…all deeds have been regarded as acts of charities and have their definite blessings and rewards. 

Its a common observation that the right path had always been characterized by hardships; it wasn’t a cake walk. The human history bears testimony to the fact that even the Messengers, Prophets and the Righteous Elders have faced severe criticism and hardships.

Islam has it’s own way of strengthening a person facing hardship.  It makes clear that for a journey on righteous path steadfastness is pivotal. A belief that God is accompanying is essential and also a firm belief that every step taken on the path is rewarding and beneficial for both the worlds regardless of the favorable or unfavorable situations. 

Islam has clearly stated that this life has been bestowed just to get the eternal blessings provided if it is spent as per the wishes of the Creator. The one who performs good deeds, be a man or woman, will get due rewards. If the journey on the righteous path continues the life, eventually, get adorned with prize possessions coupled with the Divine mercy.

Islam protects from the chastisement not by magic or any miracle but by making a person aware of his responsibilities and pious in approach. This is what inculcates a sense of accountability and stimulates a person to remain in a satisfactory condition. A cautious life is bound to have a fear of repercussions. Any indecent act, no matter how small it is, always perforates the heart with its ill consequences, thoughts like “what if the life continues with the same momentum? and “how the future is going to take its shape…? cause restlessness, the hearts comprehend with an intense fear of the Creator and that result in abstaining from any act of violations.

To be more specific, the human rights have been made lucid, upholding of which is of immense significance. The eternal blessings too depend on one’s healthy attitude towards these rights. So a sense of accountability and the fear of chastisement is but a Divine arrangements for making a person pious and protector of human honor and dignity.

Islam makes it clear that even so-called pious person will not enter in Paradise if he would have violated rights of his fellow brethren. The evil acts of violation are not to be compensated with a mere act of donation or prayer. Deliberate attempts for there reimbursement is obligatory and good deeds can only be better alternatives for the wrong doings.

Islam, Your Inner Voice

Don’t you think that the entire descriptive features of Islam reflect your inner voice? Don’t you feel that this Divine scheme of things has percolated to the deepest level of your true self? Its for you to introspect.

The teachings of Islam are to you what air is to your life, they are most practicable and suitable to what your nature desires. Think and decide, after all its a matter of your success in this world and the hereafter.


© Muhammad Abdullah Javed – Feb 2016.

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