Dialogues with the West – 3

The art of contemplation is said to be the fountainhead of remarkable progress and developments. God has given us the faculties that help reflect the way we want. This contemplative practice of human beings makes them superior over all other creations.

The human history reveals a unique aspect of spiritual and material developments, that it was aptly supported by the contemplative practices of the then nations. That phase of history appears dull and dark, where the wishes and desires occupied the human conscience and thoughtlessness prevailed all the way. One can demarcate the human history based on these two broad phases into contemplative and inconsiderate or thinking and unthinking.

I just wanted to know how my friends contribute to this finding of mine, so posed the following question with a little explanation. One of my friends dealt with some good inputs. It’s quite interesting, just look at it:

How do you contemplate over God’s creation?

The whole universe has been created for our eyes, the creation is so magnificent and creatures are so numerous…how the reflection must be? What are practical ways? Is there any limitation of understanding or are there innumerable lessons?

George says: Do not be so egotistical as to posit that creation exists for us, but that it exists and how to then see and understand it. The practical method to understand creation is to actually use one’s senses to make sense of it.

Muhammad Abdullah Javed (MAJ): Hi mate, thanks for the response. Whatever we see has a purpose, skies, sun, moon and the earth etc. You know well that all these celestial objects their distance, movements matter a lot. They have been subjected, isn’t? For whom? Do you think all that happened on its own?

George: Not sure how to respond in this section, but you mentioned “purpose”. Nobody can determine the purpose. Unknowable. Celestial objects mean what? They are things.

MAJ: The purpose of creation is evident by their very existence, take any creation, you’ll be convinced. Celestial objects are of course things but their functioning reveals their nature and also direct and indirect relation they have with us.

George: That is called a circular argument. The purpose of creation is not evident. The creation is evident only, based upon our seeing and being. One has no relationship with the moon, other that it exists and perhaps that is made of similar atoms.

MAJ: Look at the moon? Don’t we have a relation with it? Ask captain of a ship, and a dweller of a suburban area? Are not ocean waves safer? Don’t you think the movements of sun, moon and earth have direct relation with our well being?

George: Since we evolved here, on earth – yes we have a biological relationship with the moon. This fact does not answer the question: who is or what is or how we came to be. You are simply pointing out that which exists. Existence exists.

MAJ: Yeah exactly our existence itself an evidence of a Supreme Being. He sends down rain, prevents sky from falling on earth and placed mountain on it, provided us with eyes, ears and heart. Just listen to your inner voice and realize the self and the Creator.

George: Our existence is only evidence that we exist. From whence we came, we do not know. And we cannot answer the question by tickling our navels. We must seek and find, not “make believe” like children in a dark forest afraid of the stars.

MAJ: We exist because of Creator’s mercy. He bestowed the blessings in abundance as per our physical and spiritual needs. We are highly indebted to Him. With this frame of mind we revere God; it has both fear and love, not by external force but due to His abundant favor on us.

George: What is the difference between your God and the ancient Caveman worshiping the river? And what if I refuse to fear, love and revere your God? In fact, I would rather rule in hell, than serve in Heaven.

MAJ: Faith in God is truth and truth fits to our conscience. No need to say who is God and who is not. You can’t stop the one who doesn’t wish to follow certain laws, humans may punish for this, but the same is not true with God, as He provides opportunities and expects a return.

George: Faith is blind belief. Truth is honesty. Blindness is not truth. Faith is as ancient as the caveman. One must actually think in the modern word. The Dark Ages are over, I hope. Many in the US chose reason over faith. Hence our success

MAJ: I can say faith without reason leads to life of a caveman. The right attitude of modern age man is that he should sincerely try to synchronize himself with the will of his Creator, than his knowledge of right and wrong will prevent him from blind faith.

George: You can say anything, but contradictions are unsupportable in the real world. Faith and reason are opposites. Reason leads to understanding right and wrong. Blindness and faith lead to confusion. One becomes in tune with creation by studying it.

MAJ: For me definition of faith is a reasonable belief and a reliable source of comfort, anything unreasonable is confusion. The essence of belief is that it has to present its details with regard to right and wrong in a way that suits to the human nature, otherwise faith is just a mirage.

George: Faith is not reasonable. Right and wrong are determined by what life is and what is against life. Reason is used to figure out the difference. Human Nature, generally, is to live. Living requires self-sustaining action.

MAJ: If faith means blind belief, you are right, but for me faith is that which is testified by words and actions, to know the difference between right and wrong one should have certain parameters and that is what faith defines and this is where reason plays a key role.

George: If your God created the Universe, I am sure He gave even words particular definitions. If you choose to disobey your God and redefine words, even you fail to revere Him. Faith is blind belief. Close your eyes as you are doing.

MAJ:  Your God and mine is the same. Reverence for Him doesn’t confine to my limitations of understanding, I have to obey Him as He ought to be obeyed, and keep pleasing Him in a dignified way. This is the only criterion for having taste and sweetness of faith.

George: There is no evidence of God(s), only creation. I do not obey any God(s), only the laws of creation. I do not exist to please God(s), but to live in a dignified manner, cherishing life and reason, not whim and faith. I live as a man, not a mouse.

MAJ:  It’s our conscience that helps us realize the evidence behind every creation, right? But how come that’s not helping us realize who the Creator is? Obeying laws of the creation means depiction of your inner self that is completely obedient to the Creator.

George: Just as a child does not know his father, before he is born, we cannot know the creator(s), before we actually find Him or it or them. We cannot imagine God into existence. We must work, learn, seek, live, love, think, but most of all: not lie.

MAJ: ….But the grown up child knows who his father is? The existence of God may not be understandable at this stage but when you start looking at things with heart’s eyes you will realize. A God-centric man can only learn and love in true sense.

George: Heart’s eyes are human eyes. They are not magical. They are human. All and only human. Humans love. Reason is the core of it. Not mysticism. Not lies. Truth comes with work. Reason should be applied. Else anything can be posited.

MAJ: Between love and intense love there is only one thing that plays its role, that is keen observation. Look at your parents you will fall in love again, but for such a love one has to have vision and sound reasoning, without which everything appears fictitious.


© Muhammad Abdullah Javed – May 2016


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