Know Him, Love Him

In the name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful

Know Him, Love Him

(A brief introduction to the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh))

In the world of advancements and achievements we are here to assert with a claim that encompasses all that is within the vicinity of these developments. We are introducing an apostle of God, known as Muhammad (peace be upon him) to you to think. He belongs to every human, more than what these advancements are meant for individuals and the societies. The utilitarian aspects of Prophet’s life are quite synonymous to what human nature demands and their intellect understands. The following are the reasons that help you realize why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is for the entire humanity and why one should love him passionately?

The Prophet is a Mercy for mankind

There are vital things that define very existence of human on earth. We know this as mercy as it defines as well as portrays these essentials. Mercy is not just a term for one-shot comfort; it is by all means, an all-pervasive term, just like air we breathe and water we quench our thirst from. The life and message of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mercy in the sense it eases the difficulties, clarifies the vital concepts and makes life easy, to be precise:

  • He has been sent down as mercy to all the nations, as his teachings justify the same. 
  • He elevated the human honor and standardized his positions and responsibilities. 
  • Taught to be kind to everyone and developed a society of compassionate people. 
  • Educated people with the purpose of life. 
  • Inspired the individuals to strive for peace and progress in the society and termed the efforts as personification of their faith. 

He purifies your soul 

One of the main purposes of Muhammad (pbuh)’s prophecy was to purify the human souls. He did it with ease and excellence. Equally focused on both world and the hereafter, maintained a decent balance between strengthening the strengths and annihilating weaknesses. The beauty of dealing with strengths and weaknesses is that he empowered people with an art of articulating weaknesses into strengths. The Prophetic way of purification of soul clearly demonstrates that: 

  • He purifies the souls by means of individual attention and building a collective conscience. 
  • Admonished to remain focused on the self as every individual is responsible for what he has. The motivating factors being love of God and fear of accountability. 
  • Advised to choose easiest of the two ways available to accomplish any task. 
  • Prevented from abandoning the society or preferring a monastic life. 
  • The yardstick for measurement of purification of soul he suggested was one’s own surroundings; a person is good if he is good to his family members and neighbors. 

Reduces your burden 

Life is all about simplicity and simplification. Either humans have to be simple or let others simplify the loads that they carry. With burden it is hard to walk on the path of life. Burden not only refers to agony of ill-beliefs and unhealthy practices but also to those rituals, practices and norms that are inconvenient and simply detrimental to the human nature. One of the favors of Prophet (pbuh) for the humanity is that he:

  • Elucidated the true concept of the One Who deserves all forms of worships.
  • Abolished the corrupt practices of demeaning the human dignity and dividing them into different groups and statuses. 
  • Obliterated all forms of slavery and strictly prohibited from all acts of oppressions.
  • Provided shelter to orphans and destitute. 
  • Purified the minds from misconceptions and ill practices. 

Prohibits you from harmful 

The prohibitory directives form a core part of his Prophecy. It speaks of his authority and clarity of the concepts of virtues, vices and their plan of action. His acts of prevention justifiably blend with the moral, social and religious being of humans with a clear imprint of do’s and don’ts. He prohibited from:

  • Associating anyone with the Creator. 
  • Disobeying and dishonoring the parents.
  • Demeaning the human dignity.
  • Spreading mischief on earth.
  • Violating human rights…..from causing harm to slapping on one’s face.

With the prohibitions he has maximized the possibilities of doing the permissible.

Simplifies your way to Paradise

Do you know what could be the easiest way of getting into the Paradise? The Prophet said the one, no matter man or woman, who:

  • Loves and obeys him.
  • Places his helping hand on the head of an orphan.
  • Works at home for the family members. 
  • Behaves well with the neighbors. 
  • Possess good characters.

…will get admitted to the Paradise, in addition, they will be as close to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as the first and middle fingers are. 

But these instances of doing virtues are not that easy. They demand a person to be of quality faith clubbed with noble characters. That’s what he said; the Paradise lies beneath the shadows of swords. His pragmatic teachings instilled a sense to value every moment of life and ensured sustained struggle with a never tiring attitude. 

Prepares you for social reform 

Social reforms come from within, from and by the dwellers of a society. The clarity of purpose, knowledge about the prevailing conditions, setting of a lofty vision, adherence of a decent methodology is all that is required for both individuals and groups to reform a society. The Prophet (pbuh) made the prerequisites and required activism for social reform an obstinate part of faith. A true Muslim is one who strives for reformation, if the society sports a reformed culture, he should try to develop the culture and make it reach the neighboring societies. The main constituents of Prophet’s methodology of social reformation are:

  • Promotion of virtues. 
  • Eradication of evils. 
  • Cooperation with all the religious sects and groups. 
  • Balanced approach and equal participation of men and women. 
  • Awareness of the masses about the conceptual details and prerequisites of social reformation. 

He stressed upon the need of doing virtuous things in the society, no matter how developed the society is or how pathetic and hopeless conditions are prevailing. The prime responsibility of the people is to perform actions; reformed actions for the society affected with various issues or otherwise actions for advancement are highly encouraged. For any positive reformation the mindset of people matters the most. The essence of Prophetic teachings is that the society remains exemplary as long as the dwellers take appropriate actions for both favorable and unfavorable conditions. This attitude develops an ideal mindset of the people. They perceive very realistic idea of the society, that it can’t be absolutely free of problems at any point of time. What matters is a timely action for the betterment both at individual and collective levels.

Grieves at your sufferings

The emphatic nature of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is quite pleasing that leads you to the details of his humane-nature. Not only the material aspects of human life such as eating drinking and sleeping, he expressed his intense love and care for the people to have a balanced approach towards spiritual aspects too. 

  • He deeply thought of human sufferings and provided apt solutions.
  • Prevented from all forms of hardships and strictly prohibited from doing anything that harms either personal and collective health or societal balance.
  • Prohibited from sleeping empty stomach, sleeping on an open roof top, tearing thread between two fingers, causing harm to the creatures….
  • Upheld the human dignity and honor and sternly dealt with all forms of human rights violations.
  • Expressed deep concern about people going astray, so much so there was a possibility of him being losing his own life.

Makes you a human of high caliber 

The beauty of Prophet’s teachings is that they help you understand the value of self and the life. The journey of one’s progress and developments begins with self-realization and a fair understanding of the strengths and weaknesses. The Prophet made it clear that the honor of being human is being a human of high moral standards. To make it reasonable and practical, he made it clear that:

  • The person is good if he is good to his family members.
  • The credibility of a person can be measured by the way a spouse think of him or her.
  • The best person is one with whom everyone, every time expects the good.
  • The one from whose tongue and hands others are safe is a true believer.
  • The one whose great characters inspire others to be great is a person of high caliber.

Inspires you for selfless-service 

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) declared that the best of humans is one who is beneficial to one and all. In fact he vehemently proclaimed that all the creatures, not only humans, are like family of God, the best one in the sight of God is the one who is beneficial to everyone. The Prophet (pbuh) associated the idea of selfless service with belief in God. That means the faith has validity only if it is blend with actions of serving humans and other creatures. As far inspiration for going ahead and excelling in the way of selfless service he emphasized:

  • The selfless actions for benefitting humans have great rewards, one of the most striking one is cultivation of love of the doer in people’s hearts.
  • Service doesn’t always require monetary and material things, with even bare hands one can lend support and with sweet words one can provide comfort to others.
  • Help the one who is doing his or her work or the one who can’t do his own work.
  • Removal of harmful things from thoroughfare and putting a morsel in the mouth of an employee are acts of charity.
  • Serving the orphans and destitute is more precious deeds than standing in the night for prayers and keeping fast in the day. 

Makes you a true leader 

The leadership lessons are not to be taught in an artificial way in an artificial setting. There are three important prerequisites of leadership.

One, leadership is all about strengthening of fact that it’s an-all-time human service. Barring this reality, with little focus on service, people tend to play gimmick to become a leader, this is what we see in today’s world.

Second, the next best thing to assess is the overall persona of a leader, the true justification for calling a person to be a leader is to see how he dwells with his own surroundings, at home and with his neighbors. Third and the last one, a leader should have a very strong sense of empathy. He should literarily feel the pain and sufferings of his people rather the creatures that live in his jurisdiction. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) exemplifies the essence and authority of leadership with these prerequisites in view as:

  • Leadership is a great responsibility; a leader is responsible for everyone and all the time.
  • A leader is a servant of his people.
  • Love of the humanity; fear of the Creator and a sense of accountability help a person become good leader.
  • A leader should strive for others with the same amount of enthusiasm and concern as he strives for himself or for his near and dear ones.
  • A leader has to be a true well-wisher not only for humans but for other creatures too.

Prepares you to protect the environment 

The environment for a person holds the same significance as his home and its surroundings. Living happily at home depends on its pure and fresh ambiance. Everyone wants it to be good all the time, no one can think of causing any damage to his property, why it is so? Because everyone connects himself with his surroundings and there prevails a strong sense of belongingness with everything that exists.

The Prophet’s teachings expand the conceptual vision of a home to the vastness of environment of which a person is a tiny part. To safeguard the environment, people should live and dwell in the society as they do at their homes. The love, care and concern make a home, sweet-home, the same should hold good for an environment to be sweet that is clean and green.

This is a just-way of protecting the environment and making people understand that it belongs to them as their homes. For a clean and beautiful environment, the Prophet’s teachings encourage:

  • To form a strong bonding with the surroundings and everything that exists. 
  • To avoid unnecessary damage to the natural resources and habitats.
  • To cultivate a sense of development of the environment; planting trees, safeguarding the natural resources are its ultimate outcome.
  • To avoid harming the creatures, that is not to cause any harm by destroying their habitats or restricting their means of living. 
  • To be kind to plants and animals as this gesture might become a cause to get admitted into the Paradise. 

Empowers you with the sanctity of womanhood

Though Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) explained vitals of life and all that matters for decent living for both men and women without any discrimination, but there is an additional element for women. This valuable addition has elevated the women’s status and position in an otherwise deteriorating society. There are innumerable things that pertain to the right and dignity of women to mention a few, the list goes this way:

  • The Paradise lies beneath the feet of a mother.
  • The one who has three daughters, two or even one, and nourishes them well, educates and make them independent, will get the Paradise as its rich reward.
  • Being a wife, if a woman obeys her husband and performs all the obligations then she can enter the Paradise from which ever gates she wants.
  • The woman who serves her family members even without taking care of herself will get great rewards; she will be with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the Paradise as close as first and middle fingers.
  • As a mother, she has more rights than a father. For reformation and betterment of society she has an important role to play apart from nourishing and training the younger generation.

Connects you to the Creator

The beauty of Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) teachings is that they ultimately connect you to the Creator. Even the significant influence of his teachings and passionate love for him, doesn’t allow anyone to worship the Prophet. The more one gets influenced with his teachings and the more one loves, the greater will be the attachment with the Creator.

With an all-pervasive influential things, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stands significantly distinctive amidst the world of knowns. He taught the humans to worship the Creator not the created being. To understand the utilitarian relationship with the Creator we can conclude, precisely, the following from his life and teachings:

  • He himself worshipped the Creator to set an ideal for the entire humanity. His standing in the nights, fastings in the months, disseminating the message of truth, annihilating all forms of evils, establishing an ideal society by God’s commands, make it clear that he was God’s Prophet for the entire humanity.
  • Justification for the love of Creator lies in following Prophet’s footsteps.
  • The more one works for the sake of God, the more proximity with the Prophet is assured. 
  • The love of God and His Prophet has to weigh more than the love of everything else.
  • The life and teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) forms a tangible triangle between God, humans and the Prophet himself. The essence of triangle is that the one who is good to humans is good in the sight of God and His Prophet (pbuh). 

For an earnest claim “Know Him, Love Him”, have summarized here the rationale, reasons and substantial details to specify some of the vitals of life. We deemed it our responsibility to let you know who Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was?  We humbly invite you to go through his life and teachings as he is not only a Muslim’s Prophet but very much belong to you and the entire humanity, as the One Who Created all of us says in the Quran:

وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلا رَحْمَةً لِلْعَالَمِينَ

We haven’t sent down you (O Prophet Muhammad), but as a Mercy for all the Nations (The Holy Quran Ch 21: Verse 107).

 (c) Muhammad Abdullah Javed



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