Who Is Responsible For This Teenage Loss?

The mindset of the students of different religious backgrounds studying in a common school … More Who Is Responsible For This Teenage Loss?


Ramadhan Musings 6

– Test your speed Before the completion of this blessed month, the last few days provide you with an exceptional opportunity to assess and test the quantum of Taqwa and apply its power. Yes, we are talking about that Taqwa which has been nourished with days of prayers and fastings. This could be one of … More Ramadhan Musings 6

Ramadhan Musings 5

– How Kareem is related to you? During this blessed month, we usually come across the term “Ramadhan Kareem” which means the month of Ramadhan is generous in terms of its goodness and rewards. Even we say Al-Quran Al-Kareem, which indicates that the Book is full of virtues and rewards. In the Arabic language the … More Ramadhan Musings 5

Ramadhan Musings 4

– The message of a flying bird – Have you ever thought over the flight of a bird? Is it so imperative that it has to fly? Well! Its nature’s another expression that every one of us witness. Just raise your heads, in the backdrop of vast skies; birds appear flying smoothly, without any haste and … More Ramadhan Musings 4

Ramadhan Musings 3

– The Message of a falling leaf – Which of the events of nature can be seen everywhere, all the time? The plain answer to the query could be as simple as “falling of a leaf”. It’s a common scene. This minuscule event can be observed at many places, at home and garden or at the time when we go … More Ramadhan Musings 3