Ramadhan and the Desired Understanding Levels of the Quran

In the name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful The blessed month of Ramadhan revolves around the dignity and reverence of the Quran. Just look at the sequence, the Quran was revealed in an honorable month, it’s a month of fastings, the fastings have been prescribed to cultivate piety (تقوی) and piety has been made … More Ramadhan and the Desired Understanding Levels of the Quran

Helping Students for Exam Preparation

Exams are approaching, at this crucial juncture, students encounter with personal and subject related problems. What needed is a prompt solution which not only set them free of worries but also facilitate their smooth preparations. Here enlisted are a few issues related to revision, study method, preparation of time table, overcoming distractions, prerequisites of success. Let’s just … More Helping Students for Exam Preparation

Revision – The Concept & Benefits

Revision is generally defined as an act of reconsideration and modification intended at improving things. But when we talk of revision for the students, it means recalling, recollecting and reconsidering the acquired knowledge to ensure its retention for a longer duration of time. In order to make the students adhere to this invaluable quality, the … More Revision – The Concept & Benefits